20 Ways To Drive Inbound Sales To Your Healthcare Website

The mantra of a technologically advanced corporate environment is said to be, "Have an online presence to stay relevant."

But is it enough to have a website without the necessary optimization of the same, to drive business into an organization? Is it enough to have a domain but not a dedicated strategy to optimize the traffic that approaches your domain?

Businesses have struggled with this conundrum. In the pursuit of chasing numbers and achieving targets, there is a mad rush towards the benefits offered by the digital medium without a detailed analysis of the pros and cons.

While developers merrily deliver websites, marketers are left in the lurch about how to get active leads and promote their services on the digital medium.

Don’t panic. We are here to your rescue. With our thorough experience in the domain of website development and digital marketing, this beginners guide will help your website convert traffic and get actionable sales for your healthcare business.

Website Design: First impression is the last impression, especially when attracting a customer to your service. An attractive, user-friendly, and responsive website ensures easy navigation and a pleasant user-experience. From segmented menu features to clear directions, a good website makes it easier for the buyer to make a positive decision.

Optimizing your content: The words on the website hold the highest value in trying to sell your products. They act as a representation of your pitch and what you would like to portray to your target audience. A selection of keywords that match your product and have a high ranking will ensure that you get featured on the primary pages of Google. Using the right descriptions also allows Google to crawl your website better.

Google Analytics: Analyze analyze analyze! Know where your traffic originates from and the demographic you are targeting. Statistics regarding your customer base and their characteristics will help you tailor your content and your website according to the specifics that work best for your customers. From the length of the visits to their completed/uncompleted actions on the websites, you can gain statistics of every activity on your website.

Meta-Tags/Descriptions: Meta-Descriptions are a huge part of driving traffic to your website. When a potential customer types a keyword into the search engine, they are looking to hire the services of you or your competitors. A good meta-description and page title ensures you explain your product well at first glance.

Website blog: From healthcare providers to SaaS companies, every website has a blog in today's digital world. Blogs have a two-dimensional effect on increasing your sales. Say you have launched a new product. You can promote it by writing an article on your website, promoting it! On the other hand, let's say you want to promote your existing service-you can write a series of articles using specific keywords that relate to your service. As they say, when it comes to generating traffic, blogs are king.

Referral traffic: When you craft content, it is essential to distribute the knowledge to all online portals where your customers are spending time. Building relationships with similar blogs and cross-promoting is a good way to capture the attention of a vast audience.

Exclusive deals and offers: Posting exclusive offers and deals on a website gives your buyer to make an instant decision. Let's say you have a 50% sale on product subscription or a one-month free health checkup. Displaying banner on the first page of your website will strategically help to catch your buyer's attention on the offer they cannot resist. And voila, you have a sale! As easy as that. Banners optimized with the right offer and content will push your sales astronomically.

Call To Action: The "submit" button. A masterpiece in click and bait, this little technique has transformed the urgency with which a consumer makes a purchase decision. A call to action button on website pages, at the end of relevant blogs and on the banners of promotion, force the consumer to perform an action with your website, and drive sales.

A/B Test: Try and try until you succeed, they say. The "submit' button is not working for your product? You seem minimum website integration or less impression/conversion on your ads. Sometimes, certain words may not catch the eye of the customer. At such times, the solution lies in trying variations. Statistics suggest that companies carrying out A&B testing experienced a 50% increase in sales over time as they tried different variations and settled on the successful one.

Reach: Once a customer is on your website and interested in buying your product, they will want to communicate with you. At this stage, do not leave them hanging! You are in an optimum position to get their information and build a long-lasting relationship. Having a potential lead's personal and professional information allows you to approach them from a variety of platforms and strengthen your rapport. A visible contact us page along with a number highlighted in bright colors, helps the visitors on your website gain the right assistance.

Ads: There's always a need to combine both organic and paid approach in your website marketing plans. Use PPC, display ads, and social ads to reach your prospects in a short time. While your keyword optimization works as a long-term strategy of driving leads through being on the foremost of Google pages, PPC is a short-term fix that increases your search results and also pop-up your services on a variety of pages. A click, a redirect, and you have a customer paying for your services!

Email Marketing: An informative email, newsletter, or service announcement email helps your targeted prospects to stay in touch with your brand. Use email marketing to test your services, promote your content, share tips/insights, and, most importantly, market your offerings with the audience right in their inbox.

"Tell A Friend": Word-of-mouth marketing is the most organic and natural form of marketing by which interested customers can refer the product to their friends and closed ones. But why? Create a referral offer for your valued customers. Offer them freebies in return for referrals. A great way to do this is to inculcate 'tell a friend' promotion pages on your website. This gives prospects the motivation to share your product with a friend in exchange for getting discounts and offers for themselves. Win-win!

User Behavior: Every customer wants to feel like they are your only customer. Give them this special feeling by creating customized offers on your websites for them to go through and find deals they would like to avail of. How? Lots of software in the current corporate market allow you to monitor a prospect's behavior and see their internet preferences. After gaining a good understanding of the same, you can pitch them tailored offers and get precious business.

Be Unique: Set a constant theme and tone for your website. Are you a trendsetter promoting cutting-edge products with a funky vibe? Or are you a professional and formal venture with a serious characteristic? Keep a constant flow through your website and ensure you give a unified message to your potential customer.

Testimonials: Testimonials go a long way in establishing a customer's trust in your service. They act as a reference point for your customer to gaze and decide whether you would be a good fit for their need. Lengthy testimonials bore people, so keep short, sweet, and on point. Communicate what is important and craft messages that appeal to the audience.

Host virtual events: Building a community online has innumerable benefits. By hosting sessions and arranging virtual events, you can bring your audience on one platform and communicate your product's message while giving them the knowledge and a motive to buy your service. Podcasts and video seminars are great ways to build your own community.

Forums: Building a dedicated forum on your website for customers to share their experiences has a two-fold advantage. First, it allows you to analyze constructive criticism from people and see where you are going wrong. Instead of listening to a multitude of negative comments, you can point out critical issues and fix them.

Dedicated chat platform: A customer care pop-up to address real-time issues and problems of the clients is a boon to customer engagement challenges. It also builds up your reputation as a customer-centric company, and one everyone would love to do business with!

Don't just have a website but an online place that leads to actionable results for your business. Building your online presence is essential for your business and don't stay behind in a world of digital sales. Your competitors will have the advantage!